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In Illinois, child support is determined by a formula that considers your net income and the number of children you support. Because of difficult calculations regarding what a person’s income actually is comprised of and what taxes and deductions are allowed, hiring the right attorney for the job is crucial. The Law Offices of George J. Skuros has decades of experience in Child Custody and Child Support matters. Contact our office to get the help you need from a professional.

Under the statute, the following guidelines apply:

Number of Children:Percentage of Net Income
Paid as Child Support:
120 Percent
228 Percent
332 Percent
440 Percent
545 Percent
6 or more50 Percent

The formula assumes that the parent receiving child support has primary physical custody of the child or children. If child custody is shared 50-50, then the higher-earning spouse would still have to pay child support, but would pay less than the amount shown in the formula. The court also has the discretion to deviate downward from the guidelines if your earnings are very high, or if there are other reasons to do so.

Child support is calculated as a specific dollar amount, not as a percentage of your pay. If your income changes substantially, child support payments can be modified by an additional court order.

Child Support and Higher Education

In Illinois, child support stops when the child reaches 18 or graduates from high school. However, both parents may be required to contribute to college expenses under a separate Illinois statue. The amount of college and post high school support is determined not just by the income of the parents, but by both the income and assets of both parents and the child. It also takes into consideration all scholarships and loans, the cost of the school, and numerous other factors.

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