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Divorce lawyers

Illinois recognizes the right of married couples to file for a no-fault divorce. The courts can and will consider a wide range of evidence when determining how a marriage should be dissolved. Although matters of fault or marital misconduct are generally immaterial to the court’s decision, having a good divorce lawyer can protect your interests insuring that no hastily decisions are made that would be regrettable in the future. Due to Illinois’ complex divorce laws around Residency, Separation, No-Fault Grounds, and Property, having a knowledgeable lawyer to represent you during these stressful times is invaluable.

During a divorce you will need a divorce lawyer who will fight for you. No tool is more valuable during a divorce than an experienced divorce attorney. Any divorce lawyer can recite the law, but at the Law Offices of George J. Skuros you will benefit from years of divorce experience. Our top divorce attorneys are best at getting you what you think is your fair share of the marital assets. Don’t go into divorce proceedings without an experienced divorce lawyer fighting by your side.

For many years, The Law Offices of George J. Skuros has advised, represented, and advocated for Divorce clients in Chicago and throughout the western suburbs of Illinois, including Cook County, DuPage County, and Lake County and the greater Chicago metro area. We’ll tailor our years of experience to your particular situation and provide you with sound, reasonable advice during this challenging time.

People often want to know how long a divorce will take. Unfortunately, it is impossible to predict that with reasonable accuracy. The length of time is dependent upon many factors, including but not limited to the complexity of the issues involved and the motivations, personalities, and time constraints of the parties and lawyers involved. However, The Law Offices of George J. Skuros has years of experience as a divorce attorney, and we can get you started and navigate you through this process.

We know you have questions. Visit our FAQ page to see answers to some common ones, and contact our office for a free and confidential consultation.

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