Parental Rights

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In order for a child of unmarried parents to be properly protected and afford the legal rights and responsibilities to which they are entitled, a parentage (paternity) action should be initiated in the county in which the child resides. Sometimes parents do not feel the need for court proceedings because they are cooperative and in agreement. Whether or not unmarried parents continue to get along, it is strongly urged that a court action protect each of them. If there is no court case, it is possible that one parent could retract his or her agreement to terms which were informally entered into, and visitation or child support, as well as other issues, could be adversely affected.

Additionally, once a parentage case is filed, it may be necessary to make modifications from time to time. Such modifications could include visitation or parenting time, child support, miscellaneous other financial matters, custody or change in the child’s residence and contribution to college and other expenses.

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