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Should you Stay Married for the Kids?

A lot of people go through life within a perpetually confused or ambivalent state because things aren’t so bad. In this state of confusion, they cannot be asked to make a determination, so they will rationalize remaining with their partner, waiting around for something to occur that will make it clearer as to if they ought to keep the marriage together or not.

For other people, a fear of the unknown is merely too daunting; therefore, they become numb or make themselves busy to make life with their spouse bearable (for instance, by alcohol/drug addiction, workaholism, and excessive spending). In a few instances, this fear of leaving isn’t about unknown circumstances, instead, it’s the known which paralyzes them.

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Most of the individuals who divorce have had an idea that their relationship was over before they started to really separate physically. When asked of these individuals what the reason was for not exiting sooner, the main reason given is, ‘because of the children.’ There isn’t any doubt that all parents who have stated this believe wholeheartedly that it was a selfless and noble reason to remain.  Sacrificing their happiness and staying seems as if it’s the right thing to do.

Oftentimes, the ones who feel dedicated to keeping the marriage together to this level are kids of divorce themselves. They’ll vow that they won’t put their kids through what they were left to go through. What they do not comprehend is that they may get divorced or separated differently than their parents and spare the kids a lot of what they suffered. How the pair divorces will do more to decide how well kids will react than the simple truth that they divorced.

While I’d concur that being a great parent will entail giving up a huge piece of yourself each day, I additionally understand that you can’t give what you do not have. If you aren’t happy, your kids undoubtedly will feel that and suffer a little, too, even if you do not believe your unhappiness shows. Kids are impacted negatively by being exposed to a tense, loveless, angry environment, irrespective of the circumstances where it has been created. They’re impacted more deeply due to them not having yet built the level of defenses up that we have. It’s like they have half of the thickness of skin we adults do. The great news is that they ARE more resilient than we adults are, permitting them to recover quicker from unhealthy environments.

As you remain in an unhappy, unfulfilling, or abusive marriage, kids come to think that marriages are experiences which entail pain, suffering, and a gradual death. You aren’t happy, your partner isn’t happy and, consequently, your children aren’t happy. The world does not need more married individuals for the sake of having married individuals – it should have more happy individuals!

If you are tired of sacrificing your happiness and are ready to move ahead with your divorce, contact our Chicago divorce attorney office at (312) 884-1222 for a free consultation.


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What Happens During the First Meeting With your Divorce Lawyer?

What should occur at the initial meeting?

It’ll depend upon what is happening within the divorce case. In a few cases, divorce papers already have been filed, whereas in additional cases, the partners already have discussed divorce and pledged to utilize a collaborative divorce process, instead of all out ‘litigation’ (which means to fight it out in court). Lastly, a few clients are faced with an emergency – their partner might be draining the bank account, anticipating the divorce, or they might be the victim of domestic abuse and have to have instant protection from the court. The circumstances of the client is going to dictate what’s discussed and which actions are taken as a consequence of the initial meeting.

Though typically, a client walks in with general questions in regard to a recently-filed or an impending divorce, and the majority of attorneys will assess the various processes of divorce which are available (litigation, mediation, and collaborative law) and explain the steps for each.

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Additionally, a lawyer ought to ask lots of questions. It is vital that the lawyer attempt to get to know the client as an individual and study as much as possible concerning the client’s children (if any) and spouse. A lawyer should attempt to get a good understanding of the financial and psychological situation the client is in so he or she is able to make any needed referrals to divorce coaches, psychotherapists, financial planners and/or estate attorneys for specialized advice.
Most divorce lawyers work closely with additional professionals to be certain all of their clients’ divorce-associated questions are appropriately answered. Keep in mind, a lawyer isn’t and can’t act as a psychologist or tax advisor, for instance, so it is crucial that divorcing partner’s employ the proper professionals and keep their lawyers informed.
Evaluate relevant divorce-associated problems
It is impossible to exactly predict what is going to ‘occur’ in a divorce, yet it is ideal to address all of the major problems which might arise, like:
• Division of debts and property
• Alimony- whether it ought to be paid, and if the answer is yes, how long and for how much
• Child support
• Custody of minor kids
At the conclusion of the initial meeting, clients usually exit with homework that involves studying as much as possible regarding the couple’s finances, as far as liabilities, assets, and ongoing costs. In most marriages, only a single partner is in charge of the finances. But, prior to a divorce being resolved, both partners must have a full understanding of the couple’s debts, assets, and incomes. If you are able to offer lots of detail about the finances at the initial meeting with your new attorney, that meeting is going to be a lot more productive.
If you are ready to face that first meeting with a Chicago divorce attorney call us at (312) 884-1222 for a free consultation.
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Uncontested Divorce: What is it?

In the plainest terms, uncontested divorce will mean that the partners have the ability to agree upon the major factors included in getting divorced, involving:

• How they’ll share parenting responsibilities and parenting time

• The duration and amount of child support

• The duration and amount of spousal support

• The division of property

• The division of debt

If they have the ability to get to an agreement, they often can file paperwork without a court appearance, and as soon as the mandatory time period (set by the state law) has passed, the divorce is final.

Not all uncontested divorces are the same, and not all uncontested divorces run smoothly. The process is smoothest as the couple has no minor kids and very few assets, involving no real property. Also it works best if each partner is self-supporting or able to easily become self-supporting. A few states have simplified procedures obtainable for couples within this kind of situation. However, these types of procedures are stringently limited and are only available for marriages which were relatively short usually 5 years or less.

If you have further questions about the Chicago uncontested divorce process, contact us today at our Chicago divorce attorney office at (312) 884-1222 for a free consultation.

Can Couples who have Substantial Assets or Minor Kids Undergo an Uncontested Divorce?

Couples who have substantial assets or minor children generally will have the ability to move ahead with the uncontested divorce if they have the ability to agree upon all the major factors listed above. The couple which has minor disagreements within one or a few areas might still have the ability to avoid a contested divorce within court, yet they’ll have to negotiate with one another until they’ve reached full agreement. If they have the ability to communicate well, they might have the ability to directly negotiate. If it isn’t feasible they may opt to visit a mediator for assistance in solving their disagreements.

Do you Need Lawyers in Uncontested Divorces?

A pair who hasn’t been married long, as well as has no minor kids to take care of and very few assets to divide, might have the ability to complete the divorce without either partner employing a lawyer, especially if their state possesses a simplified process which will fit their situation. Pairs who have more complicated situations also may move ahead without lawyers, yet with more caution, as one or both of the parties might be giving significant legal rights up.

Couples, in some states who’ve agreed to divorce might file the paperwork jointly. It is common in other states for a couple to agree to the divorce terms, then have one partner employ a lawyer to get the paperwork ready. The couple within this situation has to understand that a lawyer only can represent a single party, and the party that isn’t represented therefore could be at a substantial legal disadvantage—within most instances, unless the unrepresented partner has a great understanding of the law, it is an excellent idea for that partner to employ a lawyer to assess the paperwork prior to the divorce being finalized.

If you have further questions about the Chicago uncontested divorce process, contact us today at our Chicago divorce attorney office at (312) 884-1222 for a free consultation.



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